Join Now!Learn MoreThe Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR) is the largest international network of organisations committed to working together to improve the lives of people affected by disasters world-wide.

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DRR knowledge and resources geared to focused actions and local needs


A programme that uniquely finds out from local people what threats they face


Civil society needs a prominent role in implementing and monitoring DRR frameworks.

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Cultura Ambiental | "For tiny organisations like ours, networks are big gatherings, the big shoulders on which to find support on each other."
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drr-mapA web-based map linked to a global database that displays information of civil society DRR actors with the aim to strengthen the ability of the DRR community to engage in collaboration, networking, partnerships, shared actions and knowledge within the sector and more widely with all the actors concerned with building resilience.

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